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Welcome to Primally Nourished A podcast hosted by Bridgette Wolleat, Nutritional therapy practitioner, nervous system optimizer, embodiment and trauma awareness coach. With the intention to bring you a weekly dose of inspiration and effective strategies in the realms of health, movement, mindset and all things personal growth and healing. Bridgette’s mission with each episode is to help you navigate your health and create consistent and sustainable habits that align with your personal values through accessible holistic and functional nutrition, mindset, mindfulness and lifestyle education. The focus of this podcast is to share about experiences from her own life, as well as the regular patterns and questions she sees in her practice as a holistic health practitioner, and to inspire you on your own unique journey to vibrant health.

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Saturday Aug 19, 2023

Have you heard of the adrenal glands? They are two little pea sized glands that sit on top of your kidneys. And although they are tiny, they sure are mighty. 
Your adrenals control quite a few actions in your body, including your stress response, weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and immune system. In fact, they are our primary survival organs. But they can also be responsible for feeling unwell, from weight gain to irritability, fatigue, blood sugar irregularities and low thyroid function, your adrenals can cause you to experience numerous symptoms, which we commonly referred to as adrenal fatigue.
In this episode I share all about the adrenals, thyroid, and how to help begin to heal. 
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Wednesday Jul 05, 2023

In this episode, I share what metabolism is, how it affects so much more than just weight loss and weight gain, what it has to do with your nourishment, how your metabolism impacts your gut health and digestion, hormone health, thyroid health and so much more!
In my practice, this is usually the root cause that I see with most clients- a sluggish metabolism... but it's not what you think! Tune into this episode to learn more!
Tools mentioned in the podcast:
Hormonal Reset Program
Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator 
Living Embodied Program 

Friday Jun 23, 2023

In this episode I share about what I've been up to since I last recorded, almost 3 months ago! Time has flown and I've been in a huge process of creating a program and community called Living Embodied. This project lights me up and is built on the foundation of practices that I have been on the journey of embodying throughout my life. Here, I share why they mean so much to me. 
Learn more about Living Embodied here 
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Friday Mar 31, 2023

Our hormones dictate so much in terms of our energy, vibrancy, mental, emotional and physical well being. In this episode I share 4 simple steps to begin bringing them into balance. 
It's usually the simple things that can be overlooked, and they are always the foundation to a vibrant life. You can use these strategies not only to begin balancing your hormones, but to optimize your life, performance and energy!
If you'd like more of a specific protocol to balance your hormones, you can check out my Hormonal Reset Program here. 

For the love of movement!

Wednesday Mar 08, 2023

Wednesday Mar 08, 2023

I love movement. Every facet of it. 
Movement is expression. It's our primordial language. It's a storyteller. My journey with movement has been a dynamic one, and I am so inspired by and passionate about it! Tune into this episode to learn more about what movement means to me, why I love the concept of primal embodiment and hear about the incredible program and app that I'm launching that encompasses my philosophy of holistic movement and embodiment. 
Learn more about the program- Beyond Movement here. 
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Saturday Feb 25, 2023

Our period is our monthly report card and gives us so much information through symptoms. When it comes to menstruation pain, 30% of women have symptoms so severe, that it significantly impacts their life. I used to be one of those people, as well as hundreds of clients that I've worked with over the years. Not anymore. 
Tune into this episode to learn what could be causing the pain and some adjustments you can begin to make to support your womb in its natural process so that you can begin enjoying your life more!
Check out the Menstrual (moon) Cycle Magic Program here. 
Check out the Hormonal Reset Program here.  
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Nervous System Nourishment

Thursday Jan 19, 2023

Thursday Jan 19, 2023

We see the world through the lens of our nervous system.
In this episode I share about what the nervous system is and how it can impact just about everything in our life. I share about the vitamins and nutrients responsible for creating neurotransmitters and how the health of our body creates the health in our mind and vice versa. 
I also share 8 tools that can help you learn to regulate your nervous system to begin to tune into the vibrancy that is naturally you! 
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Wednesday Dec 28, 2022

In this episode I share vulnerably about my journey with drugs, alcohol, addiction and running from my traumas and how it has lead me to the powerful life I live and work I do today. 
Over the years, I’ve rewritten my story. Over and over. And am so proud of and inspired by the being I’ve become.
Transformation happens when we show up, consistently over time, allowing ourselves to keep dreaming and continue rewriting the story of our lives. 
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Wednesday Dec 21, 2022

In todays episode I share about the deepest form of Nourishment: self trust and listening to our intuition.
How do we dance in harmony with the world around us while staying connected to our true nature?
While I LOVE this time of year, I also recognize that it can be tricky to navigate for many. Food comes with so much emotion, especially during the holidays. Add in family dynamics and holiday gatherings, there can be a LOT to unpack. I talk to lots of clients during this time and there is always a lot of discussion about patterns and how to go about honoring yourself when there are so many moving parts.
Listen in to hear some tips and tools for staying connected to yourself and not falling into the all or nothing mindset around food and family. 
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Thursday Dec 01, 2022

In this episode I share about the most common signs and symptoms relating to not eating enough food or being under-nourished.  
It would shock most people to know that this is the most common root cause I see in my functional nutrition practice.
Thanks to diet culture we are constantly bombarded by messaging of eat less and move more, "eat clean", cut out this food to heal your body and people are more confused then ever on what to eat, how to eat and the best ways to nourish their bodies. Often this leads to a lack of proper nourishment and the effects over time can show up as hormonal imbalances and auto immune issues.
I encourage everyone to listen to this episode, yes, even if you feel that you have body fat to lose, especially if you are feeling tired, sluggish, inconsistent in your mood and having a hard time achieving your goals and showing up for your life despite how hard you try.
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